Snowman Hot Tub Tutorial

Not the toasty and bubbly hot tub we might enjoy, but perfect for Frosty and his friends! This is a craft that kids just love, and a perfect way to re-purpose some dollar store items

The supplies you will need are as follows:
1 - 3" pail (find these with the favor bags)
3 - fingers from a white cotton glove
1 - handful of fiberfil
6 - 5mm black poms
3 - tiny pieces of orange felt
1 - 3" length of wired greenery/garland
1 - 6" length of 1/8" red ribbon
1 - 4" length of a wooden stick (dowel rod, popsicle stick, etc.)
1 - 1" x 2" piece of white cardstock
1 - 8" length of square acrylic garland or substitute with individual pieces of "ice"
2 - decorative snowflake embelishments
For tools, you will need scissors and glue.

Begin by stuffing the fingers with fiberfil. It's not necessary to close off the bottom.

Next, shape the orange felt into noses and glue to the face of the snowmen.

Attach the eyes.
Arrange the 3 snowmen in a bundle, offsetting the height so that the snowmen in back aren't hidden by the snowman in the front. Glue them in position.

Now, set the snowmen in the bucket. If they sink too low, just add a little filler to the bottom of the bucket to raise them up (fiberfil, tissue paper, etc.) Glue the snowmen into the bucket, but be careful to leave open the areas around the snowmen to put the ice cubes.

Fill the open areas with the ice cubes, slightly overflowing the edges of the bucket.

Form the piece of greenery into a circle.

Tie the ribbon into a bow and glue it onto the piece of greenery to form a wreath.

Position the wreath on the front of the bucket and glue in place.

Write up the sign on the piece of card stock. Glue the stick to the back.

Insert the sign into the bucket behind the snowmen. Add a few snowflakes to the corners of the sign. And that's it!

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  1. i love this! not only b/c it's cute but b/c it seems so easy! (or are looks deceiving?). thanks for posting. can't wait to get Addison's help on this!

  2. Cute! I have a whole tub of cut off glove fingers from my classroom teaching days that have been waiting for a special project. I might just have to give this one a try:)
    Thanks for linking to ABC's holiday blog hop

  3. that is so cute and absolutely hysterical!!

  4. LOL! Those look awesome!

  5. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stinking cute!!!!

  6. these are too cute love them thanks

  7. This is an inexpensive craft. They are sooooo cute and will hold my grandsons attention. He has ADHD so they will be quick to make. I just recently found your site and hope to utilize it more in the future. Thank You

  8. Love this craft! I am bored so going to make it right now because I have all the supplies on hand. However, I am going to change it somewhat by adding a fourth for the numbers in our family. Thinking balls might be cuter for bubbles in a hot tub rather than ice cubes too.

  9. I made several of these to sell at a Christmas craft sale. I used other things like twig bows and plastic candy canes to glue on the front of the bucket. I added ribbon to the bottom rim of the bucket. I didn't add ice cubes since a hot tub is typically hot, not cold. Clear glass marbles would be cute as bubbles though. I also made carrots with clay and painted them orange. More real looking than felt noses. I made couples, as well as 3 and 4 member families. For the eyes, I used pepper corns, half black beads, and googly eyes. I used colored card stock for the signs so the snowflakes could be seen. So easy to make and so many options!

  10. OMG!! They're so cute!!! The fact that they're small and easy makes it even a better idea. I wish I had come across this B4 this Christmas came and went.--Guess there will always be next year! Thanks for sharing.
    This past Christmas, I made a UK (University of Kentucky Basketball team) snow globe for my 9-year-old grandson and he LOVED it! I was surprised--I was disappointed that it didn't work like a real snow globe--the directions said to use Epson Salt for the snow, but when you turn the snow globe upside down and then turn it right side up again, to see it snow, it didn't do like the real snow globes. I wish I knew what they use for the real ones, I really thought it would be cool, but to my surprise my grandson loved it anyway--he cheered me up:-)

    Thanks again,


  11. You are soooooooooooooo clever. Love them

  12. This is super delightful. I think I will have to add this to me christmas craft collection