Sock Snowman

Here's another quick and easy idea for Christmas. It's inexpensive and great for younger children. For this craft, I modified a muslin and sock snowman I found on eHow.

The supplies you'll need are:
1 - small white sock
1 - small piece of orange felt
2 - 7mm black poms
1 - 6" thin strip of black felt, cut on one side with pinking shears
1 - 6" length of 1/8" red satin ribbon.
1 - small embellishment, such as a star or snowflake
2 - small rubber bands
For tools, you'll need sharp scissors and fabric glue, and optionally pinking sheers.

Begin by cutting the cuff from the sock, cutting across at the heel.

Loosely stuff the toes with fiberfil.

Secure the stuffed sock with a small rubber band.

Fold the red ribbon in half and tie the ends together with a large knot.

Insert the knotted end of the ribbon into the cut end of the sock cuff.

Secure the cut end of the cuff around the knotted end of the ribbon with a small rubber band. Tug the exposed loop of the ribbon to form a hanger.

Place the uncut end of the cuff over the rubber banded end of the stuffed toe section.

Roll back the edge of the cuff and secure with fabric glue.

Your sock should look something like this.

Next, cut the orange felt to make a nose. Pinking sheers add a nice decorative edge.

Apply a thin line of glue outlining the mouth.

Apply the strip of black felt onto the glue line for the mouth.

Add a spot of glue in the position of the eyes.

Place the two poms onto the spot of glue.

Add a spot of blush to the cheeks.

Glue the embellishment to the snowman hat.

And that's it! A cheery snowman to brighten someone's Christmas tree.

Let me know if you make one -- I'd love to feature your finished product!

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