Clay Pot Pilgrim Girl

I just love the colors of fall!

I don't usually spend much time on Thanksgiving crafts, but last year I put together the supplies to make a pilgrim couple from some small clay pots, as an activity to do with the kiddos at my sis-in-law's. It ended up being quite a hoot and I can't wait to see them brought out again this year!

I started with a design by Amanda at Crafts by Amanda, tweaked it just a bit, then added a boy pilgrim to it. I'll show you how to make the girl pilgrim today, then check back tomorrow for instructions for the boy pilgrim. It's a great and inexpensive activity for your younger guests for Thanksgiving.

The supplies you will need are as follows:
1 - 2" clay pot (actual size may be slightly smaller) painted black
1 - 1-1/4" wooden ball
1- 2"x2" square of white felt for the collar
1 - 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" piece of white felt for the apron
1 - 2" x3-1/4" piece of white felt for the hat
1 - 1"x4" piece of brown felt (or other hair color) for the hair
1 - 6" length of 1/8" black ribbon
For tools, you will need scissors, glue, black marker or paint, and blush.

Begin by cutting a slit about 3/4" long into the corner of the 2" x 2" piece of felt.

Next, glue the piece of felt centered onto the bottom of the clay pot.

Glue the wooden ball on top of the felt into the center of the bottom of the clay pot.

Next, scallop the edge of the piece of brown felt to make hair. Glue the hair to the center of the top of the wooden ball, with the slit in the white felt facing to the front. The back of the wooden ball will not be covered with hair, but that's fine.

Place the 3-1/4" x 2" piece of white felt over the hair, lining up the edge of the white near the edge of the hair. The longer side should align with the hair. Glue the white felt in place on the top and sides of the head only (not the back.)

Now you'll need to form the hat. Turn the pot around and working from the back, fold down the center and glue in place. Next, fold in one side, creasing at the point, and glue in place. Repeat with the second side.

Round the corners of the 1-1/4" x 1-1/2" piece of white felt to form an apron.

Glue the apron onto the pot below the collar.

Next, use the ribbon to form a tiny bow and glue it onto the collar above the slit.

Use paint or a marker to add eyes.

Apply a little blush to her cheeks and she's done!

These make great little table place settings or just simple decoration. They're fun, quick, easy and inexpensive, and the supplies can be gotten at almost any craft store. Your little pilgrims will just love making their own this year and you'll be a hit for thinking of it!

Don't forget to check tomorrow's post for the instructions for the pilgrim boy!

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