Ice Cream Cone Chore Chart

You might remember the Burger Chore Chart I designed a few months back.

Well it was real hit with my son. But I knew he would eventually get bored with it, so I had in mind to make another version or two. I've finally had a chance to put some time to it and came up with this ice cream cone version.

It currently has seven different scoops of ice cream. He's 10 and has quite a few simple chores (like brushing his teeth,) so I thought I would combine it with the burger chart.

I plan on putting "sweet" chores on this one, like "Share your toys," or "Recycle." And doing a "sweet" gets him a special treat.

He's already excited about the idea. If you'd like to make one for yourself, follow along and I'll step you through the process.

This is the design I came up with. You're welcome to use it, or you can come up with one of your own. It's a pretty simple design to create.

I used my embroidery machine and stitched the designs, but this could easily be done with a regular sewing machine or even by hand. For the scoop of ice cream, I used cotton fabric in a variety of colors and prints. I started out using felt, but I wanted something a little more festive and didn't want to have to coordinate the extra stitching and thread colors. Also, it seemed like the felt stretched a bit when handled. I did use felt for the cone, because it's just tan and won't be handled excessively like the scoops of ice cream.

Next, I stitched a small piece of clear vinyl onto a piece of white fabric that I planned to use for the backing. I only stitched three sides of the vinyl, leaving the top open. When completed, this will be used to hold the name of the chore.

I'm sure there's a trick to sewing vinyl, but I haven't figured it out yet. This vinyl is particularly sticky and tends to adhere to the sewing foot. I've found that what works for me is to cover it with paper, stitch through the paper, then tear it away at the perforation created by the stitching.

I glued a small magnet to the back of the stitched scoop of ice cream. I found some very strong disk magnets to use. I like the thin strip magnets, but they just didn't seem strong enough. I wanted to be able to have the magnet adhere whether from the front or back of the finished item.

Next, I used some fabric glue and outlined the design. It wasn't necessary to be particularly neat with this step, because the excess will be trimmed off. I also added a few spots of glue in the center.

After the glue was applied, I placed the piece of white backing fabric onto the back of the design, lining up the vinyl window in the center with the open side facing the top.

I glued all the pieces and set them aside to dry for a bit. The glue dries invisible, so you don't have to worry about it looking messy on the back. Alternatively, you could use a backing color other than white.

Once the pieces dried, I used a pair of scissors to trim away the excess fabric about 1/8" beyond the stitching line. The completed pieces are fairly stiff. There's 3 layers on mine -- the printed cotton, the stabilizer needed for the embroidery machine which I didn't remove, and the backing piece which was a little thicker than the cotton (not counting the little strip of vinyl.)

I repeated the same process with the cone ...

... except that it doesn't need a vinyl pocket. I guess you could use the cone for a chore too, but I like the empty cone sitting ready for scoops, as an incentive to load them on.

I also used pinking shears to trim the edges instead of using a regular pair of scissors, to give it a bit of a rough edge.

The felt gives the cone a nice texture.

All that was left was to cut small pieces of card stock to fit in the vinyl pocket, write the chore names, and insert the card stock into the vinyl pocket. With the chore on the back, the "flavor" of the ice cream is hidden until the chore is completed and the scoop is added to the cone.

And that's it, ready to go! I like the Burger Chore Chart, but I think this one is very fun too! It's sort of like a dessert to go with the burger.

Whether you make yours with an embroidery machine, a regular sewing machine or even by hand, just remember to glue on the magnet and sew the vinyl pocket onto the backing before putting it together.

You can make as few or as many scoops as you'd like. You might even want to add a cherry to the top!

Need to put it away for a while, or package one that you made for a gift? Just stack them up and the magnets hold them together.

I'd love to hear if you give this a try, one like this or even another version! Some other ideas are a cupcake, a sundae, or a hot dog. I even thought it would be cute as some sort of dress-up. But I'll have to work on that another time.

UPDATE: Check out Melissa's finished project on The Mud Puddle! You can read about her slight variations, and the great way she's approaching it with her daughter.

If you have a finished project, let me know and I'll link it up too!

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  1. this is such a fun idea! and it looks super cute too

  2. Amazing! I will definitely be using this idea for my boys!!

  3. That is a great chore system. Visiting from Motivate Me Monday.


  4. so cute!!! come on over and link up to MMM :)

  5. Got your email....LOVE it!! I just don't have time to make it as school starts here for me. Consider my offer to make me one xo Molly

  6. This is SUCH a fun idea!! What child wouldn't be motivated by an ice cream chart?!

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  8. Such a fun and cute idea I definately need one of these for my kiddos! I featured it check it out and grab a button if you like!

  9. Great idea! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

  10. I love this idea! Might have to do something similar for my 5 year old!

  11. That is adorable!!! I actually did something like this but yours is a ton better and cuter!!!

  12. gave you an award at my blog

  13. Hi, Sheri! This is too cute. I love the hidden magnet so the scoops are flippable - what a great design! Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog, i am definitely going to join your parties.

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  15. Super fun!! That burger one looks great too. I know my kids would love this!

  16. Great idea and a very cute motivator.

  17. Very cute! I'll keep this in mind for when my girls are a wee bit older. :)

  18. Sooo creative! This would help make chores fun for everyone! I'm happy to be your newest follower of your amazing and would love to invite you to my link party/giveaway every Friday at FrouFrouDecor! Hope to see you there!
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  20. OMGosh!! This is soooo great!! This is going to be great for my three year old :o) TFS

  21. Put a reward behind the cone. :)

    I am saving this. Thanks so much for sharing your great idea!

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  23. You are a FREAKING GENIUS!!! I'm definitely gonna have to try this one! My son is only 3 abd can't read yet, so I'll have to print out small pictures to put in the vinyl pockets. By the way, to sew vinyl, put a piece of masking tape on the bottom of your presser foot, it will make the vinyl glide, and it's easy to remove when your done!

  24. I love these ideas, would have never thought that I should try to build a food item with them. It really adds the fun element to it. I think I'll try to do this one with my girls for school, one piece for each subject.

  25. I love the ice cream cone chart. You can use it for so many things eg colors, counting, etc...

  26. Your felt chore charts are just darling! So creative and inspiring. I'm including all three of them in a post I'm doing on creative chore systems!
    Jaimee @

  27. I have an embroidery machine, but where did you get the design?

  28. Very cute idea. Just wanted to let u in on a trick for sewing vinyl. SCOTCH TAPE! Just put some on the bottom of the presser foot leaving a gap for the needle and on the sides next to the feed dogs on the bottom plate and it should help the vinyl move right along. Sorry if someone already mentioned this I didn't read all the comments... Good luck!

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  30. I love this! I made one for my daughter:

  31. I am wondering if you would share the embroidery files for this?
    Thanks. :)

  32. Looks cute,I want to learn to do it !

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