Name Block Photo Clips

As part of my last-minute Christmas gifting, I made a modified version of the Wooden Joy Banner for several of my family members.

I made several for my cousin's little girls, Victoria ...

... and Alexi. These were both hinged, but it's nice that there's the option of displaying either way.

And for another cousin's new little baby boy, Parker.

I also made some full-name blocks for my aunts for their grandbabies.

I just made a separate one for each name, rather than hinging it.

And I selected different stitch fonts too.

And I also did one for each of my grandmas. The longer lettering allowed for more picture clips, which is great since they have lots of grandchildren!

Check out my tutorial on how to make the photo clips and of course the Wooden Joy Banner to see how to make the hinged letter blocks.

I think the options for this idea are endless. I can see something coming up for Valentine's day already!

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