Mini Glitter Snowman

Sweet, simple and the kids love it! I did one of these in a larger version a couple of years ago for our Christmas workshop and decided to do the same thing in a simpler version. I'm so glad I did because the kids went through 300 of them!

For materials, you will need:
1 - 1" glittered ball (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
1- red chenille stem
1 - white 1/2" wide white chenille stem
2 - 6mm google eyes
1 - 5mm orange pom
1 - 1/2" white pom
1 - 6-8" length of decorative string or ribbon
1 - optionally, a piece of cardstock or paper to make a cone for shaping the chenille)
For supplies, you will need scissors and glue (hot glue works best for our purposes, but white glue will work too.)

First, feed the string through the hanger of the ornament and tie into a loop for a hanger.

Form the piece of red chenille into a cone. If you are doing a number of these, it's best to create a cone shape from a piece of cardstock to use for shaping.

You should be able to use the whole piece of chenille, but if not, trim any extra from the top.

Next, place the formed chenille on top of the glittered ornament, feeding the string/hanger through the spiral. Glue the chenille in place on the top of the ornament.

Wrap the piece of white chenille around the base of the red chenille and glue in place.

Glue the white pom to the top of the spiral.

Position the eyes just below the rim of the hat and glue in place.

Glue the nose below the eyes.

I didn't include a mouth in my design, but there is a bit of room below the nose if you would prefer to add a mouth. I might suggest just using a marker, although it is a little difficult to write on the glitter.

That's it! Have fun and let me know what the kids think!

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