Summer Camp Teacher Appreciation

My son attended a couple of weeks of camp at the public school right across the street. It's a heck of a bargain and he seems to like it, plus it keeps him active and involved and not sitting in front of the tv.

Even though it was just for a couple of weeks, I still felt like I needed to acknowledge the teachers' efforts with a little appreciation gift.

Since I don't know them at all, I really couldn't get them something personal, and I didn't want to spend very much, so I fell back on my tried-and-true photo blocks. And since it just-so-happened that the camp ended right before the 4th of July, I thought it appropriate to give it a red, white and blue theme. I used the same process I used for the 'Love' blocks I made for Valentine's Day.

I opted for "Family," since it's rather generic yet still warm.

I selected the font "large mime" and machine-embroidered the word "Family" onto a piece of muslin, then frayed it at the edges.

I added a little ribbon and a few buttons for embellishment.

I inserted a little note into each photo clip...

... and tied a little raffia around the wires.

Two classes, two teachers, last minute, virtually no expense, delivered on time and seemingly much appreciated by the teachers. Mission accomplished!

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