My Son's Father's Day Present

My son was due for a haircut, but I stalled until this morning.

And this is what I was waiting for ...

Yes, I trimmed the letters DAD into the back of my son's hair. He loved it. Sort of. At first he thought it was great, but as we were heading out for breakfast, he got embarrassed and suddenly didn't want to be seen.

So I went the tried and true method -- bribery. I told him I'd give him 25 cents for any comment anyone made about his haircut. After the first $1, he was totally on board, suddenly craning his neck in odd directions so that anyone might notice. And when he went to the pool later in the day and he got his hair wet, it stood out even more! And you can bet he heard and counted every comment.

Of course, Dad was all over it from the beginning. And totally surprised, I'm happy to say. His pleasure was written all over his face -- literally!

Mission accomplished.

Then I took my son outside and took a few pics with his new haircut. It's nothing original, except that we didn't have anything like it. I'm really not good about staged portraits. And my son is no help either. But we managed.

After a little photoshop-ing, I ran to have this layout printed in time to be given today...

Dad is happy, son is happy, mom is happy -- life is good!

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