Felt Mittens

I thought you might like to see another one of this year's Family Christmas Workshop crafts. This one is super quick and easy, but I confess that this is not an original idea, as most of my tutorials are. In this case, I emulated a printed design I found on a scrapbooking page by Rebecca Sower.

This is a simple pair of wired felt mittens with a touch of embellishment. Very inexpensive and very easy to do. These would work well for tree ornaments or package decorations.

For supplies, you'll need two colors of felt (1 for the mitten, 1 for the cuff,) about 8" of pliable wire, 6" of gold string, and two small embellishments (such as snowflakes or buttons.) For a just a little extra cost, you can purchase adhesive felt which works well if you don't want the mess of the glue.

Begin by creating a template for the size and shape of the mitten. Use the template and cut out 4 mittens from one of the colors of felt.

Next, from the other color of felt, cut two cuffs. The length of the cuff should be a little more than twice as wide as the mitten so that it can be folded over the edge of the mitten.

Next, shape the wire to form a series of random loops.

Place each end of the wire inside a set of 2 mittens and glue them all together. This is where the adhesive felt works really well.

Next, apply glue and wrap the cuff around the top of the mitten. Press firmly.

Repeat for the other mitten.

Add a couple of snowflakes or buttons to the center of the mittens for embellishment.

Tie a string to the wire for a hanger and you're done! If you get started now, you can have a bunch done for Christmas!

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