Okay, maybe it should be, "Bad embroidery machine!" but it's hard for me to hold an inanimate object responsible.

Why am I bad? Because it has taken me until now to finalize my March give-away for the embroidered name photo blocks. **insert embarrassed smiley here** It seems my embroidery machine decided to go out of service at the most inappropriate time. (Thank you Newton and your laws...)

In any case, I've compiled my list of entries/entrants, and with the help of, the winner of the 3 photo name blocks is.....

*** drumroll please ***

Stacey - Elle Belle / ellebellebaby

Apparently, Stacey knows how to enter a contest! She applied all of the different methods for entering and it obviously paid off! I'll be contacting Stacey right away to get her 3 names and I'll post pictures when they're finished.

Thanks to all of you for entering! Keep checking back! My May give-away will be a set of 5 single name blocks.

Also, if you find you're just not lucky at winning but would like to make a set of blocks for yourself, I'm going to be opening my store shortly and offering the embroidered letters for $1 each, custom lettering. They're a great base that you can use in whatever format you prefer. I'll post when the store is open, but feel free to contact me via email if you'd like something before then.

And be sure to check out the endless list of inspirational ideas at my home page