Cookie Cutter Ornament

This easy ornament can be adjusted for any cookie cutter shape.

The supplies you'll need are as follows:
1 - medium-sized cookie cutter
1 - 13" length of ribbon (approx. - measure the outside of your cookie cutter for the exact length.)
1 - fake wedding ring
1 - 3" velvet bow
1 - small decoration for the center of the ornament. (My ornament came from a length of garland that I cut apart. If yours is not already threaded, you'll need to add a short length of string to the ornament, as pictured.)

Drill a small hole in the top of the cookie cutter.

Run a line of glue around a small portion of the cookie cutter.

Lay the ribbon into the glue and press in place. Continue working around the cookie cutter until the entire cookie cutter is wrapped. Trim any excess ribbon.

Tie a knot in the string of the small ornament about an inch above the top of the ornament.

Feed the string through the hole in the top of the cookie cutter. The knot should stop the feed of thread. Verify that the ornament hangs in an appropriate position; otherwise, adjust the knot and try again.
Put the other end into the ring and glue in place.

Glue the red bow on top of the ring, covering the glue from the string.