Jingle Bell Moose Tutorial

This jingle bell moose makes a great tree ornament or decoration for a gift package. Its cheerful smile is bound to brighten anyone's day.

The materials you'll need are as follows:
1 - 1" brown jingle bell
1 - blank chenille stem
1 - 6" length of twine or ribbon
1 - 1" x 1" square of brown felt
1 - 1" x 1/2" square of black felt
For tools, you'll need need a sharp pair of scissors, a black sharpie marker, and glue.

Cut the square of brown felt in half. Shape each half into the shape of a leaf for ears.

Trim the corners of the piece of black felt to shape a nose.

Tie the piece of twine through the top of the jingle bell for a hanger.

Feed the piece of chenille through the loop in the top of the jingle bell and position halfway.

Wrap one half of the chenille stem around your finger to form a spiral.

Remove your finger and flatten the spiral. Repeat on the other half of the chenille stem. Glue the antlers in position facing the front.

Glue the nose to the front of the jingle bell.

Glue the ears to the center of the chenille stem on either side of the hanger. Use the black sharpie marker to add eyes to the top of the jingle bell.