Weaving Paper Hearts

I wanted to give these a try, though I confess I didn't really have anything in mind to do with them when I was finished.

I just knew I would like the finished texture, and I do!

The weaving is very simple. I just cut a bunch of narrow strips of mixed colors of paper, about 1/8" wide, then began weaving them together.

I interspersed the colors randomly to give it a mixed tone. As I added strips of paper, I used a fingernail to tighten the weave. When I reached my desired size, I secured the back with some clear tape to keep the outer strips from loosening as I continued to work it.

Next, I turned the weave over and traced a heart shape onto the back.

I carefully cut the heart from the weave. Having the back taped really helps keep the weave tight.

And there you have your finished heart!

I did another one that was similar, except that I made a smaller weave, and cut the heart at an angle, leaving the edges of the heart loose and rough.

So, now what to do with them?

They would work wonderfully as-is on a lovely Valentine's day card, or glued onto a toothpick as a cupcake pick. And I have something in mind for a necklace pendant, but you'll have to check back for that.

I'd love to know what you do with yours!

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