Cookie Cutter Ornament

This easy ornament can be adjusted for any cookie cutter shape.

The supplies you'll need are as follows:
1 - medium-sized cookie cutter
1 - 13" length of ribbon (approx. - measure the outside of your cookie cutter for the exact length.)
1 - fake wedding ring
1 - 3" velvet bow
1 - small decoration for the center of the ornament. (My ornament came from a length of garland that I cut apart. If yours is not already threaded, you'll need to add a short length of string to the ornament, as pictured.)

Drill a small hole in the top of the cookie cutter.

Run a line of glue around a small portion of the cookie cutter.

Lay the ribbon into the glue and press in place. Continue working around the cookie cutter until the entire cookie cutter is wrapped. Trim any excess ribbon.

Tie a knot in the string of the small ornament about an inch above the top of the ornament.

Feed the string through the hole in the top of the cookie cutter. The knot should stop the feed of thread. Verify that the ornament hangs in an appropriate position; otherwise, adjust the knot and try again.
Put the other end into the ring and glue in place.

Glue the red bow on top of the ring, covering the glue from the string.

Jingle Bell Moose Tutorial

This jingle bell moose makes a great tree ornament or decoration for a gift package. Its cheerful smile is bound to brighten anyone's day.

The materials you'll need are as follows:
1 - 1" brown jingle bell
1 - blank chenille stem
1 - 6" length of twine or ribbon
1 - 1" x 1" square of brown felt
1 - 1" x 1/2" square of black felt
For tools, you'll need need a sharp pair of scissors, a black sharpie marker, and glue.

Cut the square of brown felt in half. Shape each half into the shape of a leaf for ears.

Trim the corners of the piece of black felt to shape a nose.

Tie the piece of twine through the top of the jingle bell for a hanger.

Feed the piece of chenille through the loop in the top of the jingle bell and position halfway.

Wrap one half of the chenille stem around your finger to form a spiral.

Remove your finger and flatten the spiral. Repeat on the other half of the chenille stem. Glue the antlers in position facing the front.

Glue the nose to the front of the jingle bell.

Glue the ears to the center of the chenille stem on either side of the hanger. Use the black sharpie marker to add eyes to the top of the jingle bell.

Patriotic Light Bulb Tutorial

Cheerful and patriotic, this is an excellent craft for recycling your burned out light bulbs.

For supplies, you will need the following:
1 - standard light bulb
1 - empty paper towel or toilet paper roll
1 - 3" x 3" piece of red craft foam
1 - 3" x 3" piece of red fabric
1 - 4" x 6" piece of red and white striped fabric
1 - 6 1/2" piece of 1/2"-wide blue ribbon with white stars
1 - 2" x 6" piece of white felt
1 - 6" length of 1/8"-wide red ribbon
For tools, you will need sharp scissors, pinking shears (optional,) a pencil, a black sharpie marker, and white glue. Also, you will need flesh-colored paint for the light bulb.

First, paint the light bulb and set it aside to dry. This might take several coats, so you might want to do it ahead of time, especially if you're needing to do more than one.

Trace two circles each on the red craft foam and the red fabric. The outer circle should measure 7cm and the inner circle should measure 4cm. If you're doing several, it's helpful to create a template.
For the craft foam, cut the outer and inner circle, creating a doughnut.

For the red fabric circle, cut the outer circle, then cut multiple darts from the outer edge to the inner circle.

Cut the cardboard tube to 2 1/4" long. Try not to crease the tube any more than necessary, as it should be round for the hat. Run a line of white glue along one end about 1/4" from the edge.

Place the red fabric over the end of the tube and fold over the slit edges, pressing the darts into the line of glue.
Fold the piece of red ribbon in half and glue the cut ends to the side of the tube.

Fold the piece of red and white-striped fabric in half and finger press the fold.

Apply glue liberally to the cardboard tube. Line up the folded edge of the striped fabric with the top edge of the cardboard tube and wrap it around the tube, gluing securely.

Overlap the edges and glue in place.

Apply a line of glue around the bottom edge of the tube about 1/4" from the edge. Line up the piece of blue ribbon along the bottom edge, positioning the closing seam to match the seam of the red/white fabric seam.

Run a line of glue around the edge of the center circle of the red craft foam.

Position the bottom of the tube onto the line of glue and set aside to dry.

Trim 1/2" of felt from the end of the white felt and set aside (for the next step.) Using the pinking shears or regular scissors, cut slits into the large piece of while felt, cutting to within 1/4-1/2" of the edge.
From the smaller piece, cut a beard using a similar technique, and two small pieces for eyebrows.

Run a line of glue two-thirds of the way around the light bulb where the bulb begins to curve. Optionally, put a line of glue near the top edge of the piece of felt. Position onto the light bulb and press in place.

Put a line of glue around the center of the tube of the hat, being careful not to get glue on the brim of the hat.

Put the hat onto the top of the light bulb overlaying the felt.

Use a pencil to lightly sketch a face onto the front of the light bulb.

Use the black sharpie marker to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Position and glue the beard and eye brows. To dry, set the light bulb upside-down to encourage tight contact between the hat and the hair.

That's it! If you like this craft, leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

Teacher's Note Holder

This teacher's note holder is a wonderful appreciation gift for any time of year. And it will be appreciated even more in return when it's dressed up with a warm note from the student and an appropriate gift card!

The materials you will need are as follows:
3 - wood slices (I used a 2"x2" piece of wood cut into 3/8" lengths)
1 - mini clothes pin
1 - 3" wooden star
3 - 1 1/2" x 3 3/8" pieces of colored card stock (see template option below)
1 - 8" piece 18g wire
1 - round toothpick
1 - 3/8" wide popsicle stick cut to 1 1/2" length
The tools you will need are scissors, white glue and optionally hot glue, a black fine-point sharpie, and a pink marker or highlighter.

Begin by preparing the supplies. The size of the book covers made from the card stock might have to be adjusted if you get your wood blocks from other than a standard 2"x2".

Now you can begin assembling. Apply a generous amount of glue to 3 sides of a wooden block (top, bottom and one edge.)

If you didn't use the prepared templates, use the sharpie to write the name of a favorite subject. This can be done before or after the book cover is applied to the wooden block. Wrap the construction paper around the block covering the sides with glue.

Do all 3 blocks of wood this way.

Next, take the wire and put one end just through the center of the hinge of the clothes pin.

Wrap the wire tightly around one side of the clothes pin handle .

Poke a hole in the top of the apple. If your apples are styrofoam, this can be done with the end of the wire. Otherwise, if your apple is a little tougher, you might have to be more creative, but be careful that you don't poke something you didn't mean to. (I had tough apples and 300 to boot, so I opted for a drill press.)

Now fill the hole with hot glue and insert the other end of the wire. My apples had a small leaf, so I twisted it around to cover the hole and excess glue.

Use the sharpie to draw measurement lines on the piece of popsicle stick to make a mini ruler.

Use the scissors to cut the toothpick in half. Use the sharpie to apply lead points to the mini pencils.

Use the pink marker or highlighter to add erasers to the other end of the mini pencils.

Now it's time to begin assembling. Apply glue to the bottom of a book and position it in the center of the star. Repeat with the other two books, off-setting the books for a casual look.

Next, glue the apple to the stack of books. If you're using liquid glue, you'll want to be sure that the craft doesn't get disturbed while it's drying. I like hot glue for this craft, but hot glue is not best for small children and supervision is needed to prevent burns.

Next, apply a little glue to the ruler and position it next to the apple.

Finally, apply a small amount of glue to the tips of the pencils and add them to the top.

That's it! Now you just have to insert a special note for that special teacher and present it to them with a big hug and thank you!

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(book cover template)