Paper Roll Puppy

Yup. Still obsessing. But I guess there's worse things to obsess about. This one is free, not unhealthy, and I wouldn't be embarrassed if my neighbors found out. So you might be seeing a few more come your way.

My latest creation is this adorable paper roll puppy! Wanna make one, too? Follow along and I'll show you how!

The supplies you will need are: 1 paper roll, a 1/2" brown pom, two 5mm black poms, and a small piece of red felt.

Begin by lightly flattening the paper roll and cutting it into 1/2" strips.

Form a strip into a heart shape by inverting the fold on one side.

Pinch the fold firmly to encourage the new direction.

If you have a particularly stubborn roll like mine, you can help shape the heart by rolling the tube onto a pencil. Only do this at the section that will form the top of the heart.

You'll be using the heart upside-down.

Form another strip into a circle.

Glue the heart onto the circle, positioning the heart upside-down.

Take another strip and invert the fold on one side, pushing the fold through to the opposite side of the roll.

Glue the inside of the fold, then glue the fold to the opposite side.

Crease the curve to form corners,...

... flattening the strip between the folds. This will form the front paws.

Glue the paws to the bottom of the round piece.

Make a new fold about a third of the way from an existing crease, directing the fold inward.

Pinch the fold tightly and glue to maintain the crease. Make two of these to form the back legs.

Glue the back legs to the side of the circle, aligning the bottom with the other paws so it will stand when finished.

Like the back legs, use another strip and make a new fold about a third of the way or so from an existing crease, directing the fold inward. Crease tightly but do NOT glue.

Add another fold on the same side of the strip to shape the bottom of the ears.

Glue the ears to the top (bottom) of the heart.

Cut a tongue from the piece of red felt.

Shape another strip like the paws, except don't add the corners. This will form the puppy cheeks.

Glue the felt to the bottom of one of the cheeks.

Glue the cheeks into the face of the puppy.

Glue the black poms to the top of the brown pom. As with my Paper Roll Easter Bunny, you can do this step ahead of time if you're doing this with younger children.

Glue the poms onto the face of the puppy.

Form another strip into the tail. This is a great place to add your own creativity. You can leave it wide for a fluffy tail, or add a poof to the tip, etc.

Glue the tail to the side above the legs.

There you have it! All done! Wasn't that easy? And for a total cost of about 2 cents.

You can also personalize it by adding a dog-tag at the neck.

"Woof! Woof!"

How can you resist?
Let me know what you think and if you give it a try yourself. I LOVE comments. The 2 cents a day I get from Google just isn't all that motivating, ya' know?

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