Twiggy Star

I like simple, and inexpensive. Throw in fast and I'm a fan for life.

This one borders on free and can be done in about 5 minutes. Are you in?

For supplies, you will need:
5 - thin, relatively straight twigs, all cut to the same length
1 - extra twig if you would like your star to stand
1 - 8" length of thin ribbon if you would like your star to hang
various embellishments to suit your preference
For materials, you need hot glue, and whatever else you need for your selected embellishments.

Begin by overlapping and gluing together the tips of two of the twigs, forming a tight angle. The opposite tips of the twigs should be spaced slightly more than half the length of the twigs. If you're concerned about getting the shape correctly, you can draw the shape onto a piece of paper and align the twigs with the drawing.

Glue the tip of another twig onto one of the open ends, replicating the previous angle.

Repeat with the fourth twig.

Add the last twig, completing the shape of the star.

If you want your star to hang, position the finished star the direction you like best, and tie a ribbon onto the top point.

If you want your finished star to stand, glue the sixth twig to the back of the top point. You might need to shorten the twig to make the star stand properly.

I think it looks awesome at this point, and you could be finished. But I love the combination of something rustic with something luxurious, like burlap and satin, so I couldn't stop at this point. The great thing is that the options for what to do with it are endless!

You could add a couple of mini pine cones and satin roses...

Love the mini cardinals on Christmas ornaments! Maybe with a little nest?

Maybe some satin ribbon and some glass beads...

Some festive mini gift packages...

A little embroidered Christmas message stitched on a piece of frayed muslin or burlap...

Remember the name tag from the paper cone Christmas tree?

A tiny clothespin makes it easy to change out different labels, plus it's just sweet.

Even a simple satin ribbon with some pre-cut foam letters...

Since they're so simple and inexpensive, I think you should make a variety! I'd love to see your finished work.

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