Wired Name Ornaments

Well, I did it! I made set of wired names for each of my grandmas, each set containing all the names of all of their grandchildren!

That was quite a list! Good thing they're easy to do, since I didn't decide on that until the last minute.

I used the same method as the Wired Word Ornament Hooks, except I put a diamond bauble at the end. I could have left them as ornament hooks, but some of the names got rather long.

What else to you give two 80-year-old grandmas that both lived through the depression and won't do anything extravagant?

I wish they didn't have to pack them up right away. They turned out quite pretty.

I suppose I could get them some suction cup hooks for the window and they could hang them up like sun-catchers.

In any case, it's a great personal gift that you could do for almost anyone, for a very inexpensive price. Give it a try!

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