Candy EARRINGS Tutorial

These earrings look good enough to eat! I wouldn't recommend eating them, but they will make a "sweet" embellishment for your earlobes. Make them now and you can wear them for Halloween, or the next kids' party, or just for fun. Everyone will think they're a real "treat."

For supplies, you will need
- 2 head pins
- 2 french hooks
- 2 12mm "candy" beads (any beads that remind you of candy)
- 2 4mm x 6mm crystal flower caps
- 2 4mm crystal disc beads
You will also need a wire tool. It doesn't have to be a jewelry tool, but something with a small tip that will cut and twist wire.

Load the beads onto the head pin, starting with one of the flower caps, large side first. Follow this with one of the disc beads. Next, the "candy" bead. Then finish up with another disc bead and the another flower cap, small side first.

Now, clip the wire to within about 3/8" of the last bead. Using the wire tool, form a small loop, leaving a slight gap for the french hook. Place the closed loop on the french hook onto the open loop of the head pin, then close the loop using the wire tool. Repeat with the second earring.

Added tip: You can skip the disc beads if your candy bead doesn't have too large of a hole, which would embed the flower cap too deeply into the candy bead. Leaving out the disc beads results in a slightly different look, and is also a bit smaller which works well for younger girls.

These make wonderful gifts for school teachers, babysitters, hair stylists and more. Depending upon what quality of beads you purchase, you can easily make them for under two dollars a pair. If you need to make a lot, Fire Mountain Gems and Ring 'n Things have some great deals if you purchase in bulk.