Save it for a RAINY DAY

How many times have you come out to the parking lot after work or after shopping, only to find it pouring down rain and you without an umbrella? How many times have you noticed other people in the same predicament?

The dollar stores have compact umbrellas for a buck. Frankly, I can't comprehend anyone being able to purchase the materials, manufacture, and ship umbrellas across the ocean, and still be able to sell them for $1, but they do! For this week's pay-it-forward, pick up a few umbrellas and keep them in your car. Then the next time it rains, hand them out to needy bystanders.

You can even make it an intentional excursion and head out to the nearest city bus line. People waiting at bus stops are helpless to do anything about their circumstances if they get caught unprepared, and will likely be very grateful for the simple comfort of an umbrella.