Beaded Zipper Pull Tutorial

This simple zipper pull (or key fob) is very easy to make and a great idea for gifts. By adjusting the bead colors, you can theme them for a school, sports team, or simply for a person's favorite colors.

The materials you will need are as follows:
1 - 14mm or larger lobster clasp
1 - 4mm x 7mm bead cap
1 - fold-over oyster bead
1 - 15"-length of 28g or thicker bead wire
1 - large drilled faux diamond
12 - seed beads
3-4 large mixed-style beads
For tools, you will need a wire tool and glue (optional)

Most of these items can be acquired at any store that sells beading supplies. If you're not familiar with bead styles, be aware that some of them can be quite pricey. For the faux diamond, I found mine at Michael's. If you can't find these, any large bead can be substituted.

To begin, thread the faux diamond onto the wire, positioning the bead mid-way on the wire. Fold the wire in half and tie a knot in the wire tightening it onto the bead.

Line up the ends of the wire and thread the wire through the bead cap, wide side first. Position the bead cap so that it covers the top of the faux diamond.

Loading the beads can be done in any order to form any pattern. In the sample pictured above, there are 3 seed beads between each larger bead except for the matched pair. The wire should make it easy to pick up the beads. I find it easiest to have the ends of the wire different lengths, so that you're not trying to thread both wires at the same time, but whatever works for you.

Once the beads have all been loaded, it's time to add the oyster bead.

Thread the ends of the wire through the hole in the oyster bead. Make sure all the beads are positioned tightly next to each other, including the oyster bead, and tie a knot in the wire. It might be necessary to knot the wire several times to be sure the knot is large enough not to slip though the hole in the oyster bead. I recommend applying a dot of glue onto the knot so prevent the knot from slipping loose.
Using a wire tool, squeeze the oyster bead closed, being careful not to scratch the bead.

Next, position the hook on the oyster bead through the loop on the lobster clasp, and use the wire tool to close the loop in the hook.

Now it's ready to adorn a zipper on a pullover or purse, or to be added to a key ring.