Give Someone a Random SMILE Today

With today's hectic and stressful lives, it doesn't take much to send someone over the edge. On the other hand, it doesn't take much to make someone's day either. Sometimes the simplest gestures leave the biggest impression, especially since they're more likely to happen. The school across the street once had a sign that read, "The smallest of actions is more valuable than the greatest of intentions."

The dollar stores around here have mylar balloons for a buck. One of them near me has a design that is a bright, yellow smiley face. The ones near you might have the same pattern, or certainly something similarly cheerful. For your pay-it-forward this week, buy one or a couple or a whole bunch, and then give them to people for an instant face lift. You can also tie an encouraging note to the string. This can be done anonymously or with full disclosure.

Some examples of people who might need a face lift:
- co-worker
- teacher
- mailman
- bank teller
- hair stylist
- next-door neighbor
- bus driver
- your child or spouse

Some ideas for attached notes:
- "Have a GREAT day!"
- "You are appreciated"
- "Smile, you're on camera"
- "You make the world a better place"
- "Thought you could use a smile today"
- "Don't worry, be happy!"
- "Be a kid today"

The great thing about a pay-it-forward is that it often does as much for the sender as it does for the receiver. In fact, I bet you're smiling already just thinking about who you might target.

NOTE: I would suggest not substituting with latex balloons, as you might not be aware of latex allergies or restrictions.