Remember When...

Perhaps you're one of those people that spend all your spare time scrapbooking. Or perhaps you're more like me and have all the good intentions of doing so, but can't ever quite find the time.

Today, take a few minutes and sit down with your children and go through your albums and photos and memory boxes. Though it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, there is no replacement for sharing your thoughts and feelings about the moment the photo has captured in time. Your child will LOVE to hear about his/her silly antics, the special things they did, the warm feelings you experience when you think about the moment. For some pictures, they'll be able to remember it and can share thoughts of their own.

Be sure to include some pictures of family and friends, too. Perhaps pictures of great grandma and grandpa that came to this country a 100 years ago, or Skipper, your childhood best friend. Your family and life together is the very best story you'll ever share with your children.