Blog Gallery Gadget

Have you noticed my new gallery at the top? Isn't it cool? It's a link-out to all my prior posts. Just hover your mouse over an image and it will display the post title, or click an image and it will take you to that post. Isn't that so much better than the drop-down menu I have on my sidebar??! At least I think so.

Would you like to have one of these for your own blog? Free??! Yes, free! The left side of my brain won-out this week, and I've been "crafting" some javascript. And like all my other craft ideas, I thought I would share.

You can define the size of the gallery, the size of the images, the gallery title, how many rows tall, and even whether you want the date displayed with the description. It will automatically scan your blog posts for thumbnail images and display everything available.

Click here to initiate the setup. Key in the field values until your gallery looks the way you want it to. Then just copy the script on the right and place it in your blog in an HTML box. You could even paste it into a post, though I'm not really sure why you would want to.

Give it a try! And please let me know if you have any issues with it. Even free is no fun if it doesn't work. If you set one up on your blog, I'd love to see it. Let me know and I'll feature your site so others can see how great it looks.

Check out how Pam at Cloth to Creations set hers up!

Here's an application at Wonder Woman Creations:

Here's another application at Flower Photography:

And one at The Clip Cafe: