Chenille Stem Shamrocks

Continuing my "I can't do any more Valentine's crafts right now" theme, I thought I'd share another uber-easy, uber quick St. Patrick's Day craft. I actually have a few more Valentine's Day crafts in the works that I'm going to squeeze in very shortly, but for now, green is good! Or mostly, it's just not red.

Your supply list - 1 green bump chenille stem, scissors, a faux rhinestone, and a jewelry pin. With a supply list that short, you know it can't be too tough, right?

Begin by forming loops in the stem matching the chenille bumps. You can use regular chenille stems for this, but the bumps make it so easy to space out your loops. Plus, the added fluff of the bump adds a little more dimension to the finished shape. If you are using regular chenille stems, just portion out the stem into 4 equal sections for looping.

Next, press in the center of each loop to flatten the outer edge.

Snip the excess chenille to from an appropriate length of stem.

Add a faux rhinestone to the center to cover the intersection of the wire, and to add a little bling!

Glue the jewelry pin to the back of the finished shamrock. All done!

These are a great item to make in quantity to "pay it forward" and hand them out to random folks, like the bank teller, grocery clerk, or for the kids to give to their teachers.

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