Petite Ribbon Shamrocks

Looking for something super quick and easy to mark the St. Patrick's Day holiday? It doesn't get much quicker or much easier than this!

These petite shamrocks have a variety of uses and can be made in just a few minutes. I made mine with with a 3/8"-wide ribbon, but they can be done with any size ribbon. Follow along and I'll show you just how easy they are!

Form a small loop in the ribbon, twisting the ribbon to keep it facing the same direction. Place a dab of glue in the center to hold the ribbon in place.

Form another loop the same size right next to the first one, and glue in place.

Repeat for a third loop. Trim the ends of the ribbon, leaving one longer for a stem.

Glue a sparkling rhinestone into the center.

Your finished shamrock can be attached to a jewelry pin for a lovely decoration for your lapel, ...

or to a thumbtack for a decorative seasonal touch at the office. String several together to make a sweet garland, or glue several to the front of a greeting card. The options are many!

And you can make a four-leaf clover simply by adding another loop.

Because these are so quick, easy, and inexpensive, it's a great idea for a "pay-it-forward" activity. Just throw a few in your pocket or purse, and treat someone with a decorative ribbon, and a wish for a bit o' luck!

If I worked in an office, I think I would print up a little message that said, "Your lucky day has just begun, you've been pinched by a leprechaun! Happy St. Pat's Day!" Then I would use the thumbtack version and anonymously pin them to people's bulletin boards. Or I would buy a bag of small candy bars, stick on a shamrock, and drop one on a co-worker's desk. They're just that easy!

Let me know what you do with yours!

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