Rainbow Heart Shamrock Bouquet

So now that Valentine's Day is over, what are you ready for? St. Patrick's Day? Spring bouquets? Follow along and maybe I can give you a little of both!

This little clover bouquet is soooo easy! Plus, you get to recycle some old magazines to make it.

Grab that heart punch out of the pile of Valentine's Day craft supplies you were just about to pack away. Punch a bunch of hearts from a recycled magazine. Solid colors and mixed colors both work great. I did solid colors for mine because I was trying to create a rainbow effect.

This the basic process for creating the clovers. First draw a stem. Next, glue 3 or 4 hearts around the stem, with the points of the hearts aligned to the center. Then, glue a faux rhinestone into the center of the hearts.

For a bouquet, first draw a bunch of stems. The stems don't have to be perfectly aligned because the bouquet is going to cover most of the ends anyway. Begin forming groupings of hearts around the stems. To make the bouquet appear nice and full, overlap several layers.

Add a few rhinestone embellishments to the center of some of the flowers.

Finish off the bouquet by adding a small bow to the bunch of stems.

This card example can be done with a bouquet on the outside and a single four-leaf clover on the outside, or reversed, with the single clover on the outside.

Example messages for the card are:
You're the only one I want.
I pick you.
You're the pick of the bunch!
I'm so lucky to have picked you.
All I need is you!
I always knew you were special!
It's just not the same without you.

If you don't have a need for a St. Patrick's Day card, the bouquet works great for anything.

Give it a try! I'd love to see yours!

Check out this fabulous framed version made by Gretchen at The Pike Family!

Laura at Betula'Loo improvised with a flower punch. Aren't these sweet?

Have you tried it yet?

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